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Why I Started This Blog

“When one door closes, another opens…”

~ Alexander Graham Bell


Many have asked why I even bothered starting this blog, when in the midst of a hectic, unscrupulously exhausting and taxing lifestyle, would I want to take on another mission, another challenge, another purpose… And that was my exact answer. Another purpose!

One of my favorite sayings, and the one above is not the entire quote really, is the one by Alexander Graham Bell. Alex (as I’d like to call him) was a Scottish-born scientist and inventor, an innovator with a purpose, and an engineer with a design. He was awarded the first U.S. patent in 1876 for the telephone, despite both his mother and wife being deaf. It’s also no coincidence his last name is “Bell,” strangely ironic in my opinion.

His entire quote goes…


The Idea of the Blog

When I first came up with the idea of a blog, some incredibly intelligent woman (and one of the most brutally honest ones too) just looked at me blankly. I couldn’t tell if it was more out of astonishment that I could even think of something like this in such trying times, or if she thought I was plain stupid. Honestly, it looked like she was dumbfounded. All she said was, “So? What are you waiting for?”

I pondered over this for a long time, maybe about three or four months total, not quite understanding why anyone would jump into this idea without being sure that it would fly. Not to mention the numerous blogs that are probably written by people who are way more articulate, experienced, or interesting that me! How would I ever get a reader or a follower, or someone to pass one comment that might say “good job” on my posts?

Then It Hit Me…

Several months later, I was online (as always after the kids got in bed) and I chanced upon this quote (yes, I do love quotes!).


The failure to try has been on my list and in my dictionary for years! My first thought was, “Seriously?” a conversation with a dear friend soon proved the failure of my existence… I just don’t try! I don’t, I can’t, it’s impossible. I could come up with a million ways on why this blog might fail, and it probably will, but hey! Who’s counting? If no one likes this and no one ever sees it, what do I have to lose?

My Purpose…

I guess the same lesson applies to all of us who continue to try and try. Sometimes we fall, other times we get kicked around. Very rarely, we get lucky and hit the lottery! (I’m being dead serious at this point! See the single mother who won the Powerball: click here for article!) What happens when all of us give up and stop trying? Do we just assume life would go on and we should just sit back and wait for our demise? Should we start worrying that our children might never see the future because their mothers became such ignorant quitters?

I want this blog to be a reflection of my life, a way to reach mothers out there with the support they need to stay strong and carry on. It isn’t easy, no one said it would be, but God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I firmly believe that, no matter what God you pray to or believe in.

I’ve been blessed throughout this journey. When the going got tough, God placed certain people in my life at certain, very calculated times to get me through very specific ordeals. I’ve chanced upon individuals who happen to be there and yet soon to disappear once their purpose was served. (Maybe you should start looking around you to see how blessed you are too!) The support from my loved ones has been plenty and wonderful, and my purpose is to share that now with you, no matter who or where you are.

Since the weekend is almost here, I thought I should end off with  my favorite version of the quote above. I’ve credited every single image on this blog out of respect and courtesy to all these lovely creators who made these, so if you want to share them, please do credit them too! This might be our first post, but there are many more to come. Give us a smile if this made your while…


6 thoughts on “Why I Started This Blog

  1. sanskrita04 says:

    Good introductory post. Seems that I’m just addicted to your blog. Thus decided to read it from the beginning… 1 post every day.. 🙂


  2. Ann Abbitz says:

    I don’t follow a lot of blog posts, only ones I know the writers or recommended by friends. But I am liking what I see here. 🙂 Blogs are a way for YOU to express your feeling….be it joy, sadness, silliness, etc. And for others to get a different outlook on what may be going on with them. I’m glad I looked this blog up. I wish you well on your blog, and can’t wait to read more! 🙂


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