My Wish on Mother’s Day

My Wish on Mother's Day

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Anyone can have a child, but it takes the true spirit, kindness, patience, and love of a mother to raise one. For some of us, it is our biological mothers who do the job. For others, a mother might be an aunt, a teacher, a sister, and even a friend.

To many of our readers, motherhood has been a tough and sometimes daunting task that she alone has to bear for the sake of her children. For many of our readers, Mother’s Day might not be a day of gifts and surprises, not because she doesn’t deserve it, but because her children might be too young to go to the store or come up with an idea for a handmade gift. Maybe it is because she is all alone and busy tending to her children’s needs, completely forgetting about herself.

There are mothers, despite playing an integral role in the family nucleus, have been forgotten. While others might be missing their children who are not with them on this day, for many reasons…

Whatever the reason, this day is for you. It is a day for recognizing all the hardships and sacrifices you have gone through. It is a day for acknowledging your success in raising beautiful, awesome children. It is YOUR day to feel loved, special, beautiful, inside and out.

A mother requires no credit

The role of being a mother requires no credit in return. Of course it feels nice to be adorned with flowers and gifts, but the true gifts of motherhood are in the countless hugs and sloppy kisses (that often cause lots of zits). While everyone is paid a wage, motherhood is not something we can put a price on, neither is it a job that provides any stability, promotions, awards, or increments.

As mothers, we all work towards the better of our children. In the hopes of one day raising independent, capable kids, mothers plan their journey to provide tools and opportunities so each child can learn and grow with every passing day.

Whether you receive flowers or not today, it is not a measurement on your success as mother. When you are parenting alone, you do not have the option of the other parent helping your children pick out gifts and making cards (something many of us do not experience even when we are married!).

Trust in God that he knows what you are doing for your children and he alone has plans for everything you do and deserve. Motherhood does not expect rewards or credit from anyone, but just knowing that you are giving your children everything you have is sufficient. This is your day and the world celebrates with you.

Motherhood does not take a break, not even on Mother’s Day

A mother doesn’t expect to take a vacation off her parenting role on Mother’s Day (maybe some do but for single mothers, this is a luxury many of us just do not have). We wake up in the morning, make breakfast, get the kids in the shower, do the dishes, pack up the toys, and then start making lunch. If your kids are old enough, they might have a surprise for you or may be able to help with the dishes or laundry. If your kids are young like mine, they may not even know it is Mother’s Day!

For many mothers around the world, it is another day at work to make a living to support the children. Not everyone gets the weekends off. Since it is a school day tomorrow, a lot of us are busy prepping lunch boxes, checking homework, or doing the laundry.

No, motherhood doesn’t take a break. It doesn’t ease on a holiday or get a holiday (even if you are on a vacation). The job of motherhood is being able to continuously provide for and love your children, whatever the occasion.

My mother’s day celebration ritual

I believe in giving back, no matter what your circumstances are. Even in the most difficult times or most challenging financial situations, we can always give back or do more. This unconditional gratitude and willingness to provide for or give back is what makes mothers special.

Since I’ve been a single mother, I’ve made it a point to make Mother’s Day a different occasion for the children. I want them to know what mother’s day is about but because they are so young, it is typically about gifts and cards for mummy.

Our mother’s day is about mummy doing a little more. If I can afford it, we go out to a special dinner with ice cream. When times are hard and money is an issue, I make a special meal at home (often sharing a piece of steak or maybe some scallops).

What then, many ask, is the point of Mother’s Day?

It is my day and I get to do what I want! I want my children to know what this day is about and how special it is, and I also want them to know that a mother’s love does not stop to take a break, even on mother’s day. Mother’s day dinner isn’t just for me, it’s for them, the ones who made me a mother. Without them, I would never celebrate mother’s day.

When they are older, they will get their chance to buy me dinner someday. But till then, I will continue to make or buy them dinner every mother’s day so that this will remain a special occasion to us, one that teaches gratitude and love.

An important lesson to my children

As a mother, I would like my children to grow up to be grateful adults, to be thankful for what they have and to never expect anything in return. My mother’s day ritual is about teaching them the values of being humble, that no one owes you anything but instead, you have the ability to give and share.

Just because it’s your birthday, it doesn’t always mean that someone has to buy you something. Maybe one day, they will feed the poor on their birthday. Maybe someday, they will give to someone else what I gave to them.

If I can instill that value in my children on mother’s day, I have fulfilled one of my goals of being a good mother to my children.


Happy Rock Star Mother’s Day!



Rock Star MumsAbout Rock Star Mums. Rock Star Mums is a blog that strives to bring hope, purpose, and strength to single mothers in their battles to raise smart, happy, healthy children. Becca, founder and writer of Rock Star Mums, is a mother, motivator, and educator of two young children in California. Read A Letter from Becca.

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