Hear My Prayer – The Serenity Prayer

Hear My Prayer

Hear My Prayer (*Photo Credit: RockStarMums)

In some of my deepest, darkest moments, the Lord has continued to send Angels down to watch over me and touch my heart each time I feel sadness or pain. A very special person gave me this chocolate hand in a prayer position. On the inside, a beautiful Serenity Prayer that spoke the words of comfort, motivation, and hope (see image below).

While the chocolate was devoured within seconds by the little ones, the prayer still sits on my corner shelf in the bedroom, offering the same support and comfort each time I need it.

You don’t have to be of any particular religious group to say this prayer. God protects even those who don’t believe. Have faith. Stay strong. He’s never failed before, he will not fail you now.

The Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer (*Photo Credit: RockStarMums)



Rock Star MumsAbout Rock Star Mums. Rock Star Mums is a blog that strives to bring hope, purpose, and strength to single mothers in their battles to raise smart, happy, healthy children. Becca, founder and writer of Rock Star Mums, is a mother, motivator, and educator of two young children in California. Read A Letter from Becca.

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