The New Year has begun and Christmas is probably feeling as far away as it possibly can right now – but we have birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day on the horizon so by no means does January suggest an end to our festive gifting periods! However, after the chaos of December it’s no wonder we tend to get a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing presents for loved ones, in particular for the number 1 ladies in our life – our mums.

You may think it’s slightly premature to be thinking about Mother’s day but this year, I’m determined to get the best present I possibly can for my mum so am starting to brainstorm early. One of my favourite mother’s day gifts that I’ve come across so far is a Memory Cluster necklace from a beautiful online store called Hold Upon Heart and here are my reasons why I think you should invest in one too:


The Memory Cluster necklace is available with the choice of having between 1 and 4 charms including both large and small dimensions. You have the unique freedom to add fingerprints, handprints, footprints and even paw prints onto quality sterling silver charms cut into a variety of silhouettes. You can also decide whether you want the silver to be a soft satin or high polish finish, making the prints bolder and subtler. With Hold upon Heart there is always room for choice, because every piece of jewellery they create is completely exclusive and personalised to perfection.


Not only do the cluster necklaces come with two types of chain in three different lengths, but accessories can be added onto your cluster ring as well as text. Linking the charms together is a circular silver pendant known as the cluster ring, to which you can have engraved with a short message for your loved one. Up to four colourfully assorted beads can also be customised onto the cluster to add a bit of seasonal colour or to represent birthstones.


Creating your prints is incredibly easy and fun! Once your order is placed, they send you a printing kit that includes a pre-inked polyester film and by using their simple step by step guide to assist you, you can then print using your fingers, hands, feet or even email a scanned copy of drawings or prints you may already have, then free post them back so they can create your vision.


Once you receive the iconic little brown box in the post, you’ll be the proud gifter of an admiringly sentimental and romantic piece of silver, latching onto fond memoirs that will dangle close to your heart.

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The best part is that year after year you can add new additional charms to the cluster, update old ones or even start off with one charm and build your way up to a cluster throughout the year (think of how much present idea brain-racking that will save!).

The Fingerprint Jewellery selection is complete with heartwarming messages, shapes, beads, text and polishes, which make a charming statement to carry you or your loved one from era through to era because after all; the perfect way to begin a new adventure is to take what you learnt and cherish what you loved from the last one.