I fear the recluse of my own soul,
I fear I’m about to lose control.

I counter the sins of my enemies,
Then fight my own demons that dwell within me.

The truth it hurts, beseeches my heart,
The glorified pain that steers my path.

A mind with no being fights twice as hard,
To learn that what’s sacred will be torn apart.

So numb that my existence seems to cease,
So real this revenge they just can’t resist.

In my mortal being, I take all the blame,
For someone’s mistakes that have caused us this pain.

Track forward another ten years from right now,
Will I still be here, will I still be around.

As the waves wash upon my bitter needs,
God comes to me now and makes me complete.

Once blinded but now I can see,
The deepest and darkest secrets inside thee.

When my devils asleep and my mind’s all agile,
I will torment thy flesh so you feel my pain all this while.

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