Life is such…

A night of rekindled friendships…. heavy conversations…
when life goes as fast as we see it, it’s tough to pinpoint where we really went wrong.
But life is such.
U live and learn, You play the game. And You keep moving on.
And You never really know where and how and when things will ever be the same again….
You close an eye to the things u miss and turn one side of your face to the ones u love.
Sometimes You steer away from what could hurt and reconcile with that You need.
It’s a long journey and many times we falter.
Many times we subdue what could be our pain in the future.
But it all comes full circle. If all goes around like the table of fortune.
And it all comes back to haunt us, reliving memories from so far away that seem impossible again today.
but again, life is such…..

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