A Letter from Becca

Hi Mothers (and dads if any of you are reading!),

I’m a proud mother of two beautiful, intelligent children, first and foremost. My lovelies are young and barely in elementary school. They are also energetic (they never sit still), fun, loving, caring, kind, naughty, and all the other adjectives that just could not possibly fit in the same line together. But they do.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m also a walking daycare, teacher, housekeeper, chef/washer/cleaner, and someone who generally puts out fires at home by day and a blogger, writer, marketer, and everything else that makes us the money, by night. I’ve somehow mastered this juggling schedule over the years and though it isn’t perfected yet (we have our moments every now and then too!), the routine is keeping us alive and thriving in circumstances where we felt as though we had completely lost control. We have been very blessed to have found this mix in an attempt to balance out our hectic and somewhat different life. Of course, anything might change at any moment, but we live one day at a time and take in every moment we have together, for now…

In the last few years, life quickly changed for all of us. I was forced to carve a new world for two very young children. This world would comprise love, care, affection, and most importantly, security. I call this “our home” but really, it isn’t confined to just our living space or the actual walls of our modest apartment. It is basically where all three of us are at any time.

Today, I strive to bring the best for my children and to constantly encourage their curiosity, love for nature and others, and happy smiles even through tough times. This blog is dedicated to my lovely little ones, and to the mothers out there who might be in similar situations and just need to know that we are all here for you.

This blog is intended to bring hope, purpose, and strength to mothers (and of course, we welcome dads too if you find this helpful) out there who are trying their best to raise their children in whatever situation you might be in right now. I’ve tried my best to include personal experiences that I feel might benefit some of you, as well as interesting recipes, quick fixes (we know we all need them!), parenting ideas, and fun activities. Most important, I’ve included very personal thoughts and moments that I know many of you can relate to and hopefully this will help you as much as it did for me through every step of the way.

I hope this blog gives you insight, companionship, and hope through challenging moments and inspires you to take each day further for you and your children.



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