My Wish on Mother’s Day

My Wish on Mother's Day

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Anyone can have a child, but it takes the true spirit, kindness, patience, and love of a mother to raise one. For some of us, it is our biological mothers who do the job. For others, a mother might be an aunt, a teacher, a sister, and even a friend. Continue reading

Happy Rock Star Mother’s Day

To the Mothers who nurture, care, and love...

To the Mothers who nurture, care, and love… (*Photo credit: Rachel Kramer)


Dealing with Children Who Won’t Eat

RockStarMums: Dealing with Children Who Won’t Eat

RockStarMums: Dealing with Children Who Won’t Eat (*Photo credit: David Goehring)

I hear far too many parents who are stressed out and deeply concerned about their children’s nutrition. Many of them are absolutely dumbfounded and cannot understand why their children just will not try new foods or at least eat what is good for them. Thus is the story of parenting a fussy eater… Continue reading

When in doubt…

We came across this by SmartMom and we just had to share it.. You are making the right decisions!


Recovering from a Broken Past

Recovering from a Broken Past

Look to the horizon.. where the sun will set…
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All of us have a past, whether we are smiling or crying, happy or sad, our past can sometimes come back to haunt us. Many single mothers are single either because of a painful past or by choice, both of which often lead to very hurtful events or painful emotions that tend to not want to leave us even long after we’ve left. Continue reading