A Humbling Lesson from Nepal

Video Credit: singhgurpreet

On April 25th, a devastating earthquake of magnitude-7.8 rocked Nepal, injuring and killing thousands of innocent children and their families. Just yesterday, Nepal was once again shattered by a magnitude-7.3 earthquake that shook Kathmandu, destroying school buildings, structures, and homes of many more victims already struggling to piece back their lives from just two short weeks ago. Continue reading

My Wish on Mother’s Day

My Wish on Mother's Day

Image credit RockStarMums

Anyone can have a child, but it takes the true spirit, kindness, patience, and love of a mother to raise one. For some of us, it is our biological mothers who do the job. For others, a mother might be an aunt, a teacher, a sister, and even a friend. Continue reading

Happy Rock Star Mother’s Day

To the Mothers who nurture, care, and love...

To the Mothers who nurture, care, and love… (*Photo credit: Rachel Kramer)