Nec Aspera Terrent

My calm surrender of that faithful morning...

My calm surrender of that faithful morning… (*Photo Credit:

As a survivor with keen interests in the sociology and psychology of what makes humans tick, this Latin phrase stands out most to me of all those I’ve come across. Literal translations range in meaning depending on where this phrase has been used.

In history, military soldiers had this phrase embroidered on their caps as they suffered painstakingly to protect their nation. The 27th infantry regiment in the United States, which was established in 1901, also adopted this phrase as its motto.

Several meanings have sprung from this phrase including:
“No Fear on Earth” (US 27th infantry)
“Difficulties be Damned” (British Duke of Lancaster Regiment)

Other translations include:
“Nor do hardships terrify”
“They don’t terrify the rough ones”
“Hardships do not deter us”

Today, this phrase, whichever one of the above translations applied, can best be used to describe my mental state of mind as I walked into a room filled with familiar, yet cold faces (the kind you see in a horror movie after everyone is possessed and zombified). I was not alone, but yet I was… Continue reading

Everybody Needs a Little Lovin’ Sometimes

Alexander Patton sang A Little Lovin’ Sometimes, a soul record that spun him into superstar recognition (see video above). His voice fills the room in my little cozy bungalow and ever so often, you might catch a glimpse of me dancing across the wooden floor boards smiling to myself. Continue reading

2016- My Resolution for Gratitude


Gratitude (Image Credit: BK)

At some point in life, all of us make New Year resolutions to try to be better, happier, healthier, smarter, richer, wiser…. Prettier? LOL. Yet in the last two years, I haven’t made one resolution, not because I had none, but because my life had taken its toll on me and I was made to live day-to-day constantly battling and trying to figure out which foot might fall next. What would be the point then to have any resolutions at all when I had no clue what to expect each time I woke up? Continue reading

Finding Fault is Easy… Taking Responsibility is Not

 Today’s reflection:

Finding fault is easy..
Taking responsibility is not.

As young children, we are often quick to point fingers and blame someone else for something that has gone wrong. This is especially true when an adult calls us out for making a mistake or doing a bad deed.

I recall dragging my sisters into the mud with me (literally) at 10 years old, then quickly claiming it was their idea when my parents pulled all three of us out, their faces riddled with expressions that crossed between shock and anger. What could the harm be with playing in the mud? (That was all I could think of at the time.) And how bad is the spanking going to be this time…

Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself (Image: BK)

Continue reading

Hear My Prayer – The Serenity Prayer

Hear My Prayer

Hear My Prayer (*Photo Credit: RockStarMums)

In some of my deepest, darkest moments, the Lord has continued to send Angels down to watch over me and touch my heart each time I feel sadness or pain. A very special person gave me this chocolate hand in a prayer position. On the inside, a beautiful Serenity Prayer that spoke the words of comfort, motivation, and hope (see image below). Continue reading